Healthy Snacks

A Quick Guide To Healthy Snacks For Children, Adults And Seniors

Healthy Snacks

Although it probably goes against what we’ve learned for years, eating small amounts of food throughout the day in the form of snacks, is actually a fairly healthy  and beneficial way to eat. It helps maintain our blood sugar levels fairly even most of the day, which keeps our energy up, and  our hunger pangs down, which is good for combating diabetes and weight gain as well. Where the problem arises is the snacks that people eat are many times absolutely horrible for us with high salt, high sugar, and high saturated fat, with absolutely no vitamins or any other redeeming qualities whatsoever. Let’s examine  some healthy snacks geared towards adults, children, and even the elderly.

Here Are Some All Around Guilt Free, Between Meal Snacks:

Nearly any kind of vegetable that you can imagine makes an excellent snack, the problem is usually that they’re slightly inconvenient to get ready, and of course they lack the high salt, sugar, and  fat fix that we are accustomed to. If you make them up ahead of time, vegetables like carrot sticks, celery sticks,  broccoli, cucumber slices, cauliflower, or any other fresh vegetable, are loaded with vitamins, pyto-nutrients, minerals and fiber with almost no calories. You can almost eat vegetables at will, all day long, and never put on a pound. Of course it’s important to avoid dipping in them and high-fat sauces.

Many Fruits Are Highly Nutritious, Very Low-Fat, With Plenty Of Fiber

Fruits such as bananas, apples slices, avocado slices,  blueberries, strawberries, peaches, and mangoes have a high vitamin and mineral content, plus an excellent amount of fiber. They do however contain a certain amount of sugar and so shouldn’t be eaten in large quantities throughout the day, but are excellent at keeping blood sugar levels in check, and nearly all have lots of fiber. Avocados are fairly high in fat, but it’s a good fat that doesn’t clog your arteries, so we can eat them in moderation, they are a superfood.

Here Are Some Great Snacks For Your Children:

Children tend to be quite a bit more active than adults as they play physically while the adults sit and watch. They still need to pay attention to their nutritional intake, and really shouldn’t get in the habit of eating a lot of chips and candy. An excellent snack for them is cheese, it’s high in calcium, protein, and is easy to eat, plus kids like it. Low-fat yogurt is also an excellent choice for children as it helps reduce hunger while providing minerals and protein. By adding fresh berries or bananas to the  yogurt you can nearly make a meal that will hold a child’s appetite for several hours. When making fruits for children it’s best to chop them up into bite-size cubes so that watermelon, grapes, apples, bananas and pineapple can be threaded onto bamboo kebab sticks adding a dimension of fun to the meal.

Here Are The Best Healthy Snacks For The Elderly:

The elderly can also benefit greatly from precut vegetables just as children and middle-aged adults can as well. They also really need plenty of precut fruits in their diets to help with constipation and maintaining their sugar levels due to diabetes.  Nuts and seeds, such as peanuts,  cashews, pistachios and almonds, are an excellent choice because the protein is slow to digest and also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Nearly all prepackaged snacks contain high amounts of sugar, salt and synthetic additives, plus the saturated fat should be avoided at all costs for those with heart conditions. Sugary pastries are definite no-no because of a high-fat and incredible amounts of sugar.

In many ways the healthy snacks that are excellent for children are also perfect for adults and the elderly as well. Additionally the between meal snacks that should be avoided like chips  and candy,  tend to be bad for everyone, even your dog.